PHP E-Book Reader Installation Instructions

Find the instructions on installing PHP E-Book Reader below.

(If you already have followed these steps, skip to this page for how to use it)


  1. Unzip the 'book-reader' zip file you got by an e-mail.

  2. Copy the extracted directory to your localhost. If you are using wamp server that would be "C:/wamp/www". This can change if you are using xampp or apache. Don't worry , this works in all environments.

  3. Give that directory a name as your wish (For instance : eReader, so your directory would be "C:/wamp/www/eReader" )

  4. Now simply access the location via a web browser. (Make sure your local server is up and running)
    (For instance "http://localhost/eReader")

  5. If asked for a password, simply put 'aruna' as the password in the popup box. This password is a temporary protection and can be edited using "index.php" file. (search for 'aruna' and change it, more protection to come soon).

  6. Enjoy. Feel free to submit your queries to 'silva[dot]anjana[at]' Thank you!


Bit more about the software


  1. The folder/file structure of extracted directory would be like this.

    books :- In this folder you will find categories. For this version there are 4 categories. "LatestBooks", "LibraryBooks", "MembershipArea", "Novels" . And there's one more folder named as "pdf" to temporarily upload PDF copies (you don't have to deal with this section at all).

    Now let's sneak inside books folder.  (See the image below)

    Now, let's visit inside the "LatestBooks" folder. (See the image below)

    This is how your books arranged in. There are altogether 5 books inside "LatestBooks" category. Actually you don't have to deal with these folders in this way. I'm just trying to explain how the things arranged in PHP E-Book Reader. There's a control panel in PHP E-Book Reader you can easily add/edit/delete books. Let's get to that point in a minute.

    Now let's browse a book, let's take a look at "sherlock-holmes" folder (one of my favorite, see the image below)